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Actionable Training

Online interactive training Visualize logistics concepts through illustrations and visual aids for better understanding and reinforcement of the course material.​

Instructional Videos

Live and Pre recorded videos provided throughout the training to help you visualize key concepts to reinforce your understanding of the course material.

Premium Material

Content is the key to your success, and we’re constantly updating our courses to keep up with industry changes. We want you to learn, grow, and succeed through the most revolutionary ideas in education.

Logistics Glossary

Logistics terms and definitions taught throughout the training are also listed alphabetically for quick reference.

Multiple Devices

Access your online insurance training anytime, anywhere with an internet connection using your PC, tablet or smartphone.

6 Month Enrollment

Some of our courses offer the opportunity to study at your pace and take the time you need to feel confident in understanding the course material.

Our Online Courses

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Having a trade or certification is essential to the workforce in America. We've seen an increased demand for new hires, and contractors over the pandemic of Covid-19. As we shift post-pandemic, we have added and will continue to add more courses that are detrimental to the demands of our workforce.

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At Elite U of Texas, we believe in real-time learning. Our curriculum is updated constantly to align with present industry rules, regulations, and market focuses to name a few.

We have prepared a state-of-the-art program that is catered to your career path.  You will not only have access to our online learning portal 24/7, but you will also build your business at the same time. 

Our instructors are the best in the industry. They have over 100 years of experience combined domestically and internationally. We take pride in the level of knowledge and expertise our team brings to Elite U of Texas 

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