Most frequent questions and answers

No, but if you do not have a GED or high school diploma, you must pass a Reading Placement Test with a minimum 8th grade reading level or better to register.

Schedule the test by calling the admissions office. If testing at any other approved location, You must bring the official test results when registering.

  • We have several grants that may be available to assist students with tuition costs. Email admissions for more information.
  • Certain companies will cover the cost of your tuition if you are an employee of theirs. Contact Job Placement Department for more information on hiring companies  and apprenticeship opportunities  that are available.
  • For job training programs that may apply (WIA, TAA) contact your local TWC  for eligibility.
  • We have single axle day-cabs, tandem axle conventional sleeper tractors with 10-speed manual transmissions, and 48 & 53-foot semi-trailers.


  • All employer-sponsored classes are required to have at least 2 hours of driving at night. Night driving for the day class will be planned after normally scheduled hours.
    • We work with many major carriers and local trucking companies that will hire our graduates. Recruiters from these companies also visit our classes.
  • A DOT physical and pre-employment drug screen should be completed prior to the first day of class.

    Note: A Medical Card and Long Form Physical will be issued to you at the time you take the DOT Physical. The Medical card is good for a maximum of 2 years to a minimum of 3 months (1 year required to enroll). Make sure the card is filled out completely and accurately with no corrections made on the card. NOTE: Please be aware that the drug screen is not part of the physical. You will need to request and pay for the drug screen separately. A positive result will cause you to be dropped from class.
  • No, the first several days of class are structured so that you can study and test to get your permit, but you must have your permit before week 2 of the class or you will be dropped.
    • Yes, all final testing is done at DPS.
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