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Freight Dispatchers are essential to the logistics industry. Knowledgeable, reliable dispatching is the backbone of a successful trucking business. Dispatchers are the go-between for truck drivers, customers, and the trucking company. Additionally, they manage every behind-the-scene aspect of a delivery run, from pick-up to drop-off. Finally, they help ensure that freight gets where it has to go, on time We have put together a training program for everyone no matter you budget or level of knowledge of the industry!

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Freight Dispatcher Program Overview

Our Logistics department has several dispatching training programs that will assist anyone kickstarting their freight dispatcher career or who needs continued education. 

Freight Dispatcher Courses

This course is a 6-hour training that is held on campus in Houston or virtual for new and existing dispatchers. We provide a rundown on the Logistics Industry as a whole and the necessary tools needed to be successful in this industry. 

Our fast start program is structured to give your dispatchers the tools necessary to begin working for your company within 2 weeks. This course is for 80 hours. 

We have live training M-F as well as pre-recorded training from previous classes. 

(This is a company-sponsored course)

Our Freight Dispatching Master Certification Program is a 6-month program that is structured to assist you with operating a successful Dispatching Business, with compensation.

During this course, each student will receive training while working as a Dispatcher for Elite Brokerage. 

This program can be completed here on campus in Houston, TX, or remotely. 

Upon graduation from the program, each student will be able to start their own Independent Dispatching Agency and keep their book of business. Elite will also assist each student with the process of setting up their agency. Every student also has the opportunity to continue working as an independent dispatcher for Elite Brokerage.

This course is for the new and existing trucking dispatchers, who want more in-depth training on how to start a freight dispatching agency and build a successful business model. 

This 4-week course is for 160 hours.  It includes 60 hours of instructional time and 100 hours of lab time. Your lab time consists of the following:

  • 1 on 1 mentoring session weekly
  • Live dispatcher environment shadowing
  • Assisted sales calls 
  • Building book of business and more

By the end of this course, every student will have the ability to have their business up and running with clients.

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Start your freight dispatcher career today!

Freight Dispatchers average salary of $ 67,680 according to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics  This doesn't include the other streams of revenue & bonuses  that you can achieve!

Enroll Today
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  • Intro to Freight Dispatching $299

    Weekend Seminar 6 Hours Non Credited

  • Freight Dispatching Certification $800

    Must be paid 1 week before start date. Must complete min 80 hours to graduate. (Company Sponsored Only)

  • Freight Dispatching Master Certification $1700

    $500 Enrollment fee $200 monthly lab fee (6 months) Lab fees include but not limited to: 1.) Virtual Office & weekly mail forwarding (other services provided at cost per service) 2.) Agent Phone and Fax line with brokerage ext. 3.) Marketing services 4.) Freight specific Programs & Software (Loadboards, TMS, etc) 5.) Office systems (back office systems, tracking, monitoring, accounting, etc)

  • Freight Dispatching Management $2500

    Must be paid 1 week before start date. Must complete min 160 hours to graduate.

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