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Dispatcher Training

Freight Dispatcher course with one on one coaching and training.

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CDL Online Test Questions and Answers, including pretrip.


Freight Brokerage Management

This training will expire in 183 days from the day of initial enrollment for all interns.

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Simulation Time

Simulation Library of systems walkthroughs, tech support, methods and procedures, and Live Trainings.

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Freight Brokerage Certificate

This course is for freight broker agent interns who are ready to begin working in the freight industry immediately. This course is not self paced, training will be a mixture of live online classes, and online modules. This course will get you started working as a broker agent within 2-3 weeks of start date.

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Logistics Library

This course goes over the most common terms utilized in the Logistics Industry.

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Freight Broker Agent Orientation

Elite University's Freight Broker Agent programs Orientation.

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Trucking Business Management Certificate

This course will give you a step by step training into starting your own trucking business. You will be assigned a mentor who has extensive and verifiable success in the transportation industry. You will receive one on one coaching and training throughout this course. Upon completion of your course you will have all the tools necessary to begin your journey as a new trucking company owner. This course is offered in person in Houston, TX or Virtual for 30 days.

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CLASS A CDL Theory Instruction

Class A CDL Training

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Freight Broker Master Certificate

Our freight brokerage master certification program consists of  a 2 part series.  

Semester 1:

The Basics of Freight Brokering
Setting Up Your Business and Office
Setting Goals and Developing Your Corporate Identity
Setting Up Your Shipper Packet and Your Carrier Packet
Operations and Using Operations Software
Types of Freight and Exploring Niche Markets
Transportation Law
Broker-Carrier Contracts
Broker-Shipper Agreements

Semester 2: 

Insurance for Carriers and Brokers
Recordkeeping, Accounting, and Financial Management
Determining Your Rate and Lane Quotes
Carrier Relations and Solutions for Success
Sales and Profitability
Advanced Marketing
Develop Your Negotiation Skills
Onboarding and Retention

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Business Operations Level 1 Certificate

The Administration Certificate is a general entry-level certificate for beginning business students.

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Business Management Level 2 Certificate

The Business Management & Operations - Management Level 2 Certificate is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be entry-level supervisors. And equips students with the marketable skills, knowledge, and abilities that will make them more attractive for entry level management (supervisory) positions.

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Business Technology Systems Certificate

Fast track to a career in a variety of industries in roles such as executive assistant, office manager, office coordinator and more

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Administrative Professional Certificate

Upon successful completion of this Continuing Education Workforce Certificate, students will be able to:

apply the knowledge and skills to function effectively as a professional administrative assistant,
prepare to gain employment as an administrative professional,
prepare to earn the Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE certification), and
assume responsibility for continued professional and personal development through continuing education.

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Entrepreneurship Certificate

A certificate in entrepreneurship provides you with the basic skills to start your own venture, work with others to identify business opportunities, join entrepreneurial ventures, or work for an established organization. Regardless of size, all businesses need managers who can identify opportunities, obtain resources, plan, organize, direct, and control work to accomplish business objectives. Topics covered during coursework include entrepreneurial thinking and opportunity recognition, developing a business plan, small business accounting, sales and marketing for small business, and legal issues.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

1.) Use communication skills appropriate for a business environment.
2.) Use research methods to support business decision making.
3.) Identify and compare various forms of business ownership.
4.) Construct financial statements.
5.) Use financial information to make more informed business decisions.
6.) Apply current business concepts and laws to ensure legal and ethical business practices.

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Entry Level Driver Training

This is driver training on a commercial vehicle Class A
Training Schedule is:
Between the hours of 0800-2100
Between the hours of 0800-1300
Job Placement Upon completion if needed.

Each day consists of BTW (Behind the Wheel) instruction and Range(Inspections, Backing, & Parking Maneuvers) training

Job Placement Upon completion if needed.


Freight Brokerage Certification

This training will expire in 183 days from the day of initial enrollment for all interns.

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ELDT Hazmat Training

This is an online-only self-paced course.

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