Student Enrollment is now Open

Welcome to EUT’s Online School Enrollment!

Elite U of Texas is an open-admission, private institution of higher education offering high-quality, affordable course programming for academic advancement, workforce training, career development, and lifelong learning. We are based out of Houston, TX, and conveniently accessible to everyone via our Virtual Campus.

EUT offers skills-based certificates. We have well-established transfer pathways and strong connections with industry employers to ensure our students transition seamlessly from Elite U to wherever their personal goals take them.

To start your application, select the course you are applying for enrollment in.

If you are enrolling in one of our online courses, select the nearest start date and semester available; you will be enrolled immediately after payment. 

Once we have received your enrollment application and enrollment is confirmed, a one-time non-refundable fee of $100 will be added to your invoice. If you are applying for enrollment at any of our other locations, apply to that location directly or contact for assistance. 


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