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Our referral agreement is straight and to the point. It outlines our privacy policy and how to stay compliant in this rewarding program.

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This is not a sales position, nor is it a recruiting position with our company! That's right! Just share your link and the flyers and get a referral fee for every lead that signs up!!!


We provide marketing materials that are compliant with our policies and procedures as well as current pricing.

Social Media

Social Media is where we gather the most leads and traffic to our website.


We provide monthly payouts in the form of prepaid cash cards or egift cards of your choice from our selection.

Help & Support

We are here to assist you via chat if you have any questions about our referral network program.

Our Partners

Some of our cashout partners for your referral fees!

"This was easier than I thought, thank you for the opportunity!"

I've been able to purchase another box truck for my company with the cashouts from Elite. The process is so simple, I just share my link and get a notification when someone signs up. Then I get paid!
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Roz Riofrio
CEO, Boss transport

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Joining our referral network is simple. Just click the link below, send us a chat, or email us and we will get back to you. 

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