Student referral program

Join our campus' student Referral Program

Elite U of Texas has several programs available that your friends, family, & peers could benefit from, and we want to show our appreciation to you for referring them to us!

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Fund Your Education

With our referral program you're able to apply your referral credits to your present tuition balance or future course enrollments!

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Spread the Gift of Knowledge​

Elite University has several courses and programs to offer the world and you can assist us by referring us to your friends and family! Give them the opportunity to further their education with a University that cares about their future.

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Referral Credit

We do believe in rewarding our current students and alumni for referring new students to the University. Your referral credits are away to assist with savings!

Student Referral Credit

Fill out this form in its entirety in order to eligible for the referral credit.

Referrers Information

Referrer Name(Required)
Your name

Referral's Information

Referral's Name(Required)
Student you are referring

Enrollment Information

Which course or program the referral is enrolled in.
Date of Enrollment(Required)
This is the date the referral began or will begin school.


Select which option you want to receive your referral credit.
Select which option you want to receive your referral credit. Your referral credit will be paid out after the student completes the course and all tuition is paid in full.
If a different payout method was discussed fill in with the information as requested by administration.


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