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Backing Maneuvers SB An Understanding of Tail Swing 1) Tail swing collisions, while making turns, are among the most common types of accidents on a school bus. Most of the accidents are minor and usually involve the tail end of the bus colliding into something small such as a mailbox or stop sign. However, these accidents can […]

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Defensive Driving(SB)

Defensive Driving Introduction A responsible driver puts safety first and has a goal of reaching each destination safely in spite of distractions or obstacles. To put a focus on safety, a responsible driver must be able to identify factors that contribute to collisions and take reasonable actions to prevent a collision. Drivers have some control

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SB Rules & Regulations

Federal & State Laws Introduction This module covers the requirements you will need to meet to continue your job as a school bus driver. School bus drivers are responsible  for  precious  cargo—children,  students,  and  other passengers—and must maintain a high level of skill, knowledge, and professional behavior. To maintain continuous certification as a school bus

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School Bus Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings

RailRoad Crossings Introduction Most school bus routes require that a driver cross railroad tracks somewhere along the route. Railroad crossing intersections present specialized challenges for vehicle drivers. Responsible drivers need to be alert to the presence or potential presence of trains, workers, pedestrians,  or  maintenance  vehicles  near  railroad  crossings. Recognizing warning signs and markings, applying

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Student Management (SB)

Student Managment Introduction In order to get students to and from school safely and on time, bus drivers need to be able to concentrate on the task of driving. Students need to learn and follow simple rules that allow you to drive without any distraction. Your behavior affects students’ behavior. In this module, we will

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SB Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies Your Role as a School Bus Driver As a school bus driver, there are times when you may encounter medical emergencies. The Good Samaritan Law The “Good Samaritan Law” addresses liability for providing emergency care at the scene of an emergency. The purpose of this law is to encourage lay persons to render

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SB Safety Procedures Introduction

Safety Awareness Welcome to Elite U’s ELDT Passenger Training 2022. Safety This unit will teach driver-trainees how to brief passengers on safety topics including fastening seat belts, emergency exits, emergency phone contact information, fire extinguisher location, safely walking in the aisle when the bus is moving, and an emergency push button or switch. Seat Belt

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